PortAlliance Federal Credit Union

Start Them Out on the Right Foot with a Youth Account

The best time to learn to be financially responsible is before you have the need to. That’s why we offer special youth accounts to get kids in the habit of saving as soon as they get that first piggy bank. We have accounts just for teens too, so they can learn the basics of how to use credit and how to spend wisely while saving up for the things they really want. Our Youth accounts have low minimum balances, competitive dividends and a little something extra—fun!

Custodian Accounts for Kids

When you’re ready to start saving for your child’s future, PortAlliance can help.We offer Custodian Accounts which are Virginia Uniform Transfer to Minor Act Accounts (VUTMA) held for the benefit of a minor. Custodian Accounts require an adult to sign as “custodian” on the account. The minor is not able to make transactions on this account. Custodian Accounts have a minimum balance of $5, and earn dividends.

Gain Student Accounts for Teens & Tweens

If you’re over the age of 13, our Gain Student Account is your ticket to learning more about managing your money by handling it yourself.We’ve got everything you need to help you begin making your way to financial independence—accounts, information and advice about checking, saving, budgeting, spending, planning for college, and more. As you save, earn and budget your spending, you learn how to handle your day-to-day finances and save for your future. Check out everything our Gain Student Program has to offer!