PortAlliance Federal Credit Union

Money Market Accounts

Money Market accounts were first created to compete with the money market firms and other non-bank resources. It is ideal for the member who wants to earn higher dividend rates without the early withdrawal penalties and fixed terms required by Certificates. Members are also attracted to the credit union’s money market account, rather than brokerage funds, because of the account insurance provided by the NCUA. The PortAlliance Money Market account::

  • Requires a minimum balance of $2,000
  • Pays higher dividends that are compounded and posted monthly
  • Larger balances earn higher dividend rates (tiered rates—see our Deposit Rates)
  • Allows member to deposit additional funds in any amount, at any time
  • Limits withdrawals and transfers to three per month
  • Works like a checking account, as “money market” checks can be issued to access funds
  • First set of starter checks FREE
  • Unlimited transfers to purchase PortAlliance Share Certificates