PortAlliance Federal Credit Union

Gain Accounts for Teens & Tweens (Ages 13 to 23)

Here at PortAlliance FCU, we know how important it is for our younger members to learn money management skills. And we believe that first-hand experience is the best teacher! That’s why we have developed the Gain Student Account.

Members ages 13 to 23 can take advantage of a variety of accounts and services, all designed to help them learn how to manage money wisely. Each segment of the Gain program has special features for extra savings and convenience. Gain Student accounts include:

  • Gain Student Savings Accounts with free ATM card* ($5 minimum balance, earns a high-yield dividend)
  • Gain Student Checking Account* with free VISA Checkcard (No minimum balance, no monthly fee)
  • FreeWebPort Online Banking
  • Free Access to The Elements of Money™ —a new program that combines the financial products and services teens need, with real-world educational resources

With a Gain Student Account, your money is not only protected, it goes to work for you, earning dividends. It’s a great way to save for the things you want and need.

*If member is under age 18, a parent/guardian is required to be joint on an account when an ATM card is issued on a Savings OR a checking account is opened.