PortAlliance Federal Credit Union

PortAlliance's Routing/Transit No: 251 481 672

What are you waiting for? Get out of those long lines with Direct Deposit!

Direct deposit eliminates the risk of lost or stolen checks, reduces fraud, helps protect against identity theft and gives members more control over their money. Plus, direct deposit provides members with immediate access to their money from virtually everywhere.

Have your paycheck, government benefits, or pension check directly deposited to your account. There’s no cost, and it saves you time! Just ask for a direct deposit form from the company in charge of paying you, or send them our Direct Deposit Form.

If it’s for a government agency, such as military or Social Security benefits, you’ll need to use the
US Government Direct Deposit Form, or you can also sign up online! (read below)

Automatic transfers put your money exactly where you want, when you want.


You can set up automatic transfers to distribute your funds exactly how you want. This allows you to make automatic recurring deposits or payments to any account you choose. No worries, no thinking—just peace of mind.




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PortAlliance account
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PortAlliance account

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* Note: If you are changing or cancelling an automatic payment that has already been set up, please contact Member Services at (757) 461-1796.