PortAlliance Federal Credit Union

To report a lost/stolen
ATM or VISA Check Card, call:
US: 1.888.241.2510
International: 909.941.1398

To report a lost/stolen
VISA Credit Card, call:

ATM & VISA Check Cards

Our ATM cards and VISA Check cards give you 24/7 Account Access.

It’s accepted anywhere that takes VISA, and debits your account directly. You can also get cash back when making a purchase, because it also works like an ATM card. Also, your liability is limited on unauthorized credit transactions when you use your VISA Check Card.

“Debit or Credit?”

When you use your VISA Check Card and given the option of choosing “debit or credit,” always say “credit” if you don’t want any cash back. When you choose “debit,” the transaction is PIN-based and transaction fees may apply, costing you more $$$.

Added Protection with
Verified by VISA

Verified by VISA is the easy new way to enjoy added security for all your online VISA card purchases. This great service is offered at no additional charge, and is designed to ensure that only you use your VISA to shop online. For more info, click
here. To enroll, click here.


 Security of your card and PIN
  Security While at the ATM

  • Sign your card upon receipt
  • Destroy your old cards when they expire or when your new card becomes effective
  • Memorize your PIN - DO NOT write it on the back of your card or keep it with you
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone
  • Keep a written record of your PIN entirely separate from your card
  • Keep your card in a safe place
  • Remember to pick up your ATM receipts before leaving the ATM
  • Safeguard your account number. Always obtain merchant receipts and destroy carbons
  • Use your body to sheild the ATM's keyboard fron another person's line of sight
  • Don't stop to count the money or expose it for others to see
  • Place all money into your pocket or purse immediately

 Security When Leaving the ATM

  • Remain alert - watch for strangers who may approach or follow you
  • Keep safe distances between you and others
  • If someone follows you, go to the nearest populated place such as a store or restaurant

 Security When Approaching the ATM
  Refuse Telephone Inquiries
  • Be alert - look around the area
  • Leave immediately if you see or sense anything suspicious
  • Always have your card in hand, ready to use before approaching the ATM

  • Do not reveal any information about your card over the phone
  • Verification of your card account(s) and PIN should only take place in person at the credit union
  • If you receive a call about your card, contact us immediately, and we will suggest the next course of action

 Security While at the ATM
  Report Theft or Loss Immediately

  • Allow a comfortable distance between you and the person using the ATM
  • Respect any line barriers that say "Wait Here"
  • Do not walk up to the ATM before the current user has left

  • Use the telephone numbers listed at the top of this web page to report a card lost or stolen
  • The after hours telephone number is typically used only for reporting the card lost or stolen