PortAlliance Federal Credit Union

Although student-run credit unions are a new concept to Hampton Roads, they are not new in the U.S. There are over 800 student-run credit unions throughout the U.S. Now, a partnership between Norfolk Public Schools and PortAlliance Federal Credit Union allows Maury High School students, parents and faculty to learn more about personal finance through the Commodore Branch. Each year, a select group of students are chosen as credit union employees. These students run a fully operational branch and teach their members the value of sound financial management.

Commodore Branch Objectives

  • To work cooperatively with educators and parents in developing financially responsible young adults 

  • To give student employees “real world” learning experiences 

  • To help students develop strong money management experience right in their school, where it’s convenient 

  • To give students the opportunity to become more involved in their school and community

  • To give PortAlliance FCU the opportunity to become involved with our community’s youth and share professional knowledge

Location & Hours

The Commodore Branch is open beginning in October and is located inside of the school cafeteria next to the school store. The branch will be open on regular school days on Even ("B") days during lunch. Hours may change during the school year and will be posted at the branch entrance.

Using the Branch

Students, faculty and staff can open accounts and make deposits & withdrawals at the branch. The student employees will be available for all transactions, and the Commodore Branch Liaison is also available for additional questions and to ensure accuracy and confidentiality. Note: Members must have access to WebPort Online Banking in order to conduct transactions at the Commodore Branch. If you haven't already, please click here to login/register to WebPort Online Banking.

Students are encouraged to open share savings accounts to save for such events as holiday gift-giving, high school ring orders and even prom activities. Additionally, MHS students may open student checking accounts with a VISA Debit Card (students under 18 require parent/guardian to be joint on the account). These special accounts can help students build a sound credit history while learning how to responsibly manage their own money.

Opening an Account

We strongly encourage parents/guardians to be involved in the credit union experience. To open an account, a student needs proof of identification, a social security number and a minimum $5 deposit. If the student is already a member of PortAlliance FCU, it is not necessary to open another account.

Students and parents/guardians can monitor their PortAlliance FCU accounts through regular paper statements or by using PortAlliance FCU’s FREE WebPort online banking--just click on the WebPort login above on the left.

More questions?

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact Nathalie Williams, at 757-457-4322 or srcu@portalliancefcu.com.