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Additional Member Benefits at No Cost

Through American Income Life Insurance Company, additional benefits are being provided to all members of PortAlliance FCU. Benefits include:

  • A $3,000 Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit
  • Health Services Discount Card
  • Child Safe Kit 

We mailed out the packets to members' households in the fall 2015. If you returned the beneficiary card (or completed the online form) to AIL, a representative from AIL may call you to arrange an appointment to witness your signature, deliver your certificate of insurance, and review other supplemental insurance benefits that may be available. American Income Life will only call you if you provided this information to them on the beneficiary card via mail or online form.

It is your choice whether to meet with the representative or not. You need not return the card to have the $3,000 AD&D coverage.

To complete the benefit form online, or for more information, please visit www.ailife.com/benefits/sgojmIf you have questions, please call Travis Daniels, AIL Public Relations, directly at 757-403-9500. Please note that the insurance provider/advisor is not affiliated with PortAlliance; insurance products are not insured or guaranteed in any way by the credit union.

Simplify the Homebuying Process

If you have limited income and not a lot of savings, homeownership probably seems like a dim and distant prospect. But the American Dream may still be possible. If you learn about all the options available, you may find the idea of buying a home more plausible than you expected. Click here to read more

Teach Your Teens About Money

“Mom, Dad ... can I borrow a few dollars until I get paid?” 

Sound familiar? Help is here with The Elements of Money, offering financial education and services for members ages 13 to 23 years old.elements of money

Financial experts agree that money habits are learned at a young age and last a lifetime. That’s why we’re excited to offer The Elements of Money —a program that combines the financial products and services teens need, with real-world educational resources. Teens can join “Elements” simply by opening a Gain Student Savings account. As a member, they’ll learn to navigate through the world of personal finance, as well as learn valuable lessons in saving money.